What is WA104

Its mission is to move the existing ICARUS T600 detector (link is external) first to CERN, reshape it (overhaul) there such to be moved to FNAL (link is external)as far detector in the new Short Baseline Facility (SBN).

The ICARUS T600 detector was successfully operated for three years at the underground Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Italy, studying standard and exotic neutrino oscillations with cosmic rays and the CNGS muon neutrino beam from CERN. Following the end of operation in Italy, it was transported to CERN within the WA104 program, to undergo a major refurbishment that maintains the performance of the detector, while upgrading important subsystems like the wire-readout electronics and the PMT-based light collection system. At the same time, CERN and the collaboration performed a full overhaul of the cryogenics plant for the detector and the construction of new double wall aluminum containers to house the detector two modules.

WA104 is fully engaged in the construction and operation of the SBN facility and physics program.

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