List Institutes and Representatives (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), L’Aquila, Italy represented by Carlo Rubbia
  2. INFN - LNGS, Assergi (AQ), Italy, represented by Chiara Vignoli
  3. INFN - LNF, Frascati (Roma), Italy, represented by Pio Picchi
  4. INFN - Sezione di Milano, Italy represented by Paola Sala
  5. INFN - Sezione di Milano Bicocca, Dipartimento di Fisica G. Occhialini, Italy, represented by Maurizio Bonesini
  6. INFN - Sezione di Napoli, Italy, represented by Alfredo Cocco
  7. INFN - Sezione di Padova, Italy, represented by Alberto Guglielmi
  8. INFN - Sezione di Pavia, Italy, represented by Claudio Montanari
  9. CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, represented by Marzio Nessi

Other International Institutions have expressed interest in joining the WA104 project, so the current list will be updated regularly.

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